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Dan Thompson



Where you currently living?

Thame, Oxfordshire

Trick your going to learn in 2013?

umm…anything switch haha

You have recently got share in your own business? You hyped?

Yeah, pretty hyped on it, 2013 should be a good year!

How many years you work on your mini?

hahaha….like 8 years?

You got any Other hobbies? working on my mini….ha.

Favourite current music genre or musician? currently geting into james taylor

Last track you listened too?

long ago and far away – James Taylor

You hyped on Oxford based cats and triangles collab?

Yeah for sure, they’ve got some really cool products, cant wait to see some ideas.

Last time you skated summer town?

about 3 years ago?

Favourite skate trip?

Barcelona 2006, amazing time, apart from when i slammed so hard i popped my shoulder out, then passed out, work up to two spanish people laughing…`

Favourite alan partridge quote?

“sorry about the smell of urine, but you know, there really is nothing to do round here”

You went traveling a few years Favourite country?

Australia, because of the people, the climate, the food…everything basically….love you england.

Craziest country?

Japan, everything works at lot different, generally for the better, i got told to go into KFC to smoke because i wasn’t allowed to smoke on the street

What’s a Barrymore flip?

half cab heelflip, 360 body varial…shout out to Barrymore

Current independent skateshop your backing?

SS20 in oxford

Do they stock would*?

they better!! haha


Quick fire round;

Favourite trick? 360 flip

What trick could Thomo beat you in a game of skate with? anything switch or nollie!

Could Thomo beat you in game of skate? yeah definitely

Favourite car? classic mini

Favourite skatespot? Macba in Barcelona

Favourite vegetable? Red pepper

Board width? 8.0

Wheel size? Round ones

Last trick landed? Not sure, probably a 360 flip.

Where was it? Thame skatepark

How do you take your tea? Milk, one sugar

How do you take your coffee? Milk, Two sugars

Most subways eaten in one day? Two 12 inchers

Would you do it again? Yeah, i felt like Adam Richman

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