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Sheffield HYPE

Had a very productive weekend with some of the fam in Sheffield!

Laurie made it up from Liverpool with others from Swindon, Oxford, Bristol and London.

Massively stoked on the effort which has been put into creating Sheffield DIY. . .

Thanks to Tom at Lives and Levels for putting a load of us up and showing us around with some of the northern based landscape heads.


Went Street skating in the cold a few months back in oxford . . .

Little bit of footage from our much needed warm up at summer town.


Tom Watts

Tom Watts Likes Beer and Would*

*Simply Skateboarding

Pop to Bay’

A few of us were lucky enough to hit up Bay66 early January when fitting in street skating around the snow was a little hard!

Few clips tricks edited by James Clifford filmed by Stephen Thompson and Tom Gammage.

Ed Russell x Aptik

Ed Russell is introduced alongside Dan Thompson as part of Aptik’s skate roster. Congrats to both!

They have just dropped their newest season of clothing so go check it out and support skater owned! currently available through Aptik’s online shop  expect to see a lot more from Aptik this year and will soon be popping up in skater owned shops in the UK through;

The Mint Movement Distribution.