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ss20 been pushing *would

SS20 has been selling some board’s! 8’s Currently out

of stock but still have some 7.75’s! Back in stock soon.


Would does urethane . . . Currently stocking 54mm.

Available at Aptik Apparel online and SS20 in store

as well as on The Mint Movement online shop.


Aptik Selling Would*!

Independent apparel brand Aptik are currently selling

our first board on their online shop . . .

“Watch this space” for a very Ltd collab board

designed by Aptik dropping in august!



Whilst plans for filming missions in London, Berlin

and NYC are in motion, we thought we would drop

in a few clips for old time sake. Some good bits of

footage which have been gathering dust in tape box

since the early part of the millennium.



This line was filmed on the old ghetto cam, nice little

line down by the now skater hated mayor’s office. . . .

circa 2005.


Our first release is designed in collaboration with

The Mint Collection & Oxford based design house


The boards will soon be available in selected independent

retailers only.