Sidewalk Advert & SS20 Collab Board

Sidewalk Advert & SS20 Collab Board


Would* and ss20 worked together at the end of 2013 to release a board to celebrate their 25 years in the game, which featured in the December issue of sidewalk (Our first advert).

Many of the Would* family have strong links with the shop and we are really happy to have collaborated on this board graphic together. SS20 have supported Would* and a number of our riders over the years!

What the shop has done for the local skateboard scene in and around Oxford not to mention on an international level for the skateboarding has been exceptional!

The boards are exclusive through SS20 and limited edition so pop to the shop or visit their site to grab one.

Would Skateboards Sidewalk advert Simply Skateboards - 2


We are going to be working on a number of little things to celebrate the shop so keep your eyes peeled on the site.


*Go support your local independent.