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Scott – Ollie

Would Skateboards - Scott Whittaker - Foutain ollie Australia

Ellie & Laurie Colley

Metin Gecici (Black Vandal) has put out some documentation of north London scene. Few videos below from the collection; Laurie over 3 years ago and Ellie, Lauries twin brother put out a great little edit late last year… check it out if you haven’t seen it.



“Days like these” – by Black Vandal.

The Silent Type

Silent type video which was started by Matt Holley years ago but never made it too a proper edit. Here is some great clips from years gone by . . .

“Ian Devine recently raided the predominantly unseen archives of filmer Matt Holley – the man responsible for Unabomber’s “Urbane Mob” – and has come through with a 55 minute video made up of pre-2007 footage from Tom Watts, Scott Whittaker, Paul Rimmer and plenty of other Swindon, Oxford . . .”

Sidewalk Mproa.


More Skateboarding Videos

Great 55 min montage…

Would Skateboards

Would skateboards to date


*Simply Tea in New Zealand

Simply Tea

Lets face it camping in New Zealand in the sun is hard to improve ….

Scott knows how. . .  with a good brew of *simply Tea.

Scott - Simply Tea Mug

Would Simply Tea Mug

Would Simply Tea Mug - LOGO1

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